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4 Ways Autumn View Gardens Keeps Residents Safe

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4 Ways Autumn View Gardens Keeps Residents Safe

An assisted living community should support its residents in all aspects of living while also keeping everyone safe. Here are four ways the staff and community at Autumn View Gardens meets these goals.

1. Daily Support of Compassionate Staff

Trained team members are available 24 hours every day at Autumn View Gardens in Creve Coeur, so residents always have peace of mind that someone will come when they call for assistance.

As part of a mission-based organization, the staff are also service-minded and work to ensure every resident has what they need to live as vibrant a life as possible within and around the community. Some ways staff support residents and help keep them safe include:

Optional medication management services, so residents don’t miss doses or take too much medication

Regular health assessments to catch issues early and provide feedback on diet, exercise or medication if needed

Assistance in monitoring and managing chronic conditions such as diabetes or CHF

Health and wellness services, including help with nutrition and exercise

2. Technology Solutions for Automated Security

One benefit of an assisted living apartment is that seniors can continue a certain level of independence while knowing help is never far away should they need it. Technology solutions at Autumn View Gardens help make this even more possible.

The assisted living community in Creve Coeur partners with Stanley Healthcare, which provides state-of-the-art automated security and monitoring solutions ideal for senior living apartments. The Arial wireless notification system is deployed on every exterior door in the community — other than the front door, which gets special security consideration. Arial notifies staff when an exterior door is opened, and staff members go immediately to physically inspect the door and ensure a resident isn’t locked out or wondering outside.

The front door of Autumn View Gardens is equipped with Stanley Healthcare’s Wander Management System. During the hours from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m., when a staff member is present at the reception desk, the Wander Guard Blue technology only notifies staff if at at-risk resident passes through the front door. At night, staff are alerted any time the front door opens.

3. Identification of Residents At-Risk for Elopement

Autumn View Gardens is an assisted living community, which means it’s made up of residents of various ages, backgrounds and health status. We hope you’ll never hear Autumn View Gardens complaints that state we treat every resident the same because every person is unique and has their own preferences, needs and goals.

Our security technology and protocols lets us cater to those unique needs, and some tools used in that process are elopement and mental assessments. Residents who may be at risk for leaving the community without knowing where they are or how to safely return wear small Bluetooth-enabled bracelets. This helps staff members know when those residents pass through certain doors so action can be taken immediately.

4. A Holistic Approach to Community and Care

Finally, the staff at Autumn View Gardens recognizes that safety and security isn’t limited to physical well-being. Faith-minded residents can find spiritual comfort and assistance from an on-site chaplain, worship services and Bible studies.