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A New Partnership with One Legacy®

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A New Partnership with One Legacy®

At Autumn View Gardens, we are partnering with One Legacy® to bring Legacy Sharing Story Therapy Workshops to our community.

Legacy Sharing workshops are designed for caregivers, families or anyone who is interested in family history, genealogy or storytelling. The Legacy Sharing activities include a combination of memory sharing, storytelling, brainstorming games and writing. The participants benefit from facilitated activities, group sharing and free digital publishing. Legacy Sharing products include Legacy Sharing Cards, Writing Journals and Keepsake Storybooks.

About One Legacy®:
One Legacy® is a St. Louis regional based company dedicated to helping organizations and families collect and publish those special stories about personal legacy – One legacy for each of us. These stories connect and remind us of the pivotal moments and lessons in our lives. A special brain stimulating activity for all ages!

Mike Stith, Founder, developed the concept and vision of One Legacy® from the accumulation of significant life changes that occurred during his career and personal life. The Legacy Sharing Story Therapy Program by One Legacy® was created for participants to communicate and share personal memories and real stories.