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What Is Spotify, and Is It Something You Need in Your Assisted Living Apartment?

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What Is Spotify, and Is It Something You Need in Your Assisted Living Apartment?

You might have heard your children or grandchildren talking about Spotify, or maybe a music-loving neighbor at the Autumn View Gardens assisted living community in Creve Coeur recommended this app to you. Perhaps you’re just considering a move into an assisted living community, and you’re worried about how your music collection might fit into your new space. Spotify could be an answer.

Find out more about this app below and why seniors who love music and podcasts might want to incorporate it into their daily lives.

What Is Spotify?

Spotify is an app that you can run on a smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer. It’s an audio streaming service with millions of song choices as well as thousands of podcasts. You can play all of these items via your device when you use Spotify, which means you don’t need CDs, records or any other space-consuming media to listen to music or other audio entertainment.

How Does Spotify Work?

Spotify is pretty simple. Artists and podcast creators agree to allow their music to be featured on the app. In exchange, they’re reimbursed a small amount — usually a fraction of a penny — anytime their content is played.

People who download the app and create a free or paid account can access all that content without paying anything else. You can listen to everything from Christian music and hymns to holiday favorites to golden oldies and new releases. And when you’re looking for educational or entertainment content, you can find a wide range of podcasts that tell stories, give news, offer philosophical thoughts or interview experts.

What Do Seniors Need to Use Spotify?

Spotify is a digital audio streaming service. That means you need a device to access it and play audio on it. You can use Spotify on any smartphone, on tablets capable of running the app such as iPads and some Kindles and on your computer.

You also need a way for the audio to play back to you. Most smartphones, tablets and computers have built-in speakers for this purpose. But you can also purchase small freestanding speakers that plug into your device or connect wirelessly if you want to play the music a little louder. You can also use headphones with your device for personal listening sessions.

Do You Have to Pay for Spotify?

You don’t have to pay for Spotify. All the basic features of the app are available for anyone who signs up for a free account.

Seniors can choose to pay for a Premium Spotify subscription if they want. This takes out any advertisements during your listening session, lets you download certain songs on your device so you can play them without an internet connection and gives you unlimited skips.

Skips let you skip a song you don’t care for if it comes up while you’re listing. You have a few skips per time period to use on a free account, but once you use them all, you have to listen to a song once it starts playing. Free Spotify is similar to listening to a radio, in that you hear the songs that come up and you may have to listen to an advertisement periodically. It’s more personal than the radio, though, since you can make custom playlists of songs you want to hear.

Tips for Seniors Who Want to Use Spotify

Whether you’re using Spotify in your assisted living apartment with speakers or you don a pair of headphones so you can listen to podcasts on the grounds of the community, here are some tips for making this app work for you.

  • Invest in comfortable Bluetooth headphones. If the device you’re using to listen to Spotify allows a Bluetooth connection, this lets you listen without being hampered by wires. You could move comfortably around your apartment while listening or keep your phone in your pocket and listen as you walk.
  • Create different playlists. Spotify lets you create your own playlists and add songs to them. These are like digital mix tapes. You can create playlists to support various moods, such as one for boosting your energy and one for reflection on God.
  • Check out the podcasts. By clicking “search” on your Spotify app, you can access a search function as well as buttons that let you browse content by category. That includes podcasts, and you can find educational, true crime, history, religion, self-help and all types of podcast content on Spotify.
  • Check out Spotify’s recommendations. Spotify uses your listening history and which songs you like or don’t like to create custom recommendations for you. If you scroll down on the home screen, you’ll find playlists made especially for you. That includes a Release Radar playlist that offers options for new releases you might like as well as a Discover Weekly that offers different songs you might like based on what you’ve been listening to.

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