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It Takes a Short Time to Make a Lasting Impression

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It Takes a Short Time to Make a Lasting Impression


This story is about Sharon B. More accurately, it’s about the impact that Autumn View Gardens and our staff had on her life, even though she was with us for just a short time.

Before and after Sharon was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease, she and her family experienced a challenging care journey. There was rehab. They tried another assisted living community. Sharon was cared for at home, for a while. There were trips to the hospital and the emergency room. Finally, Sharon’s daughter, Lisa, gained guardianship of Sharon and set on a mission to find a permanent care and housing solution for her mother. We are honored that Lisa found us at Autumn View Gardens, Creve Coeur.

Lisa, her mother and other family members toured our facility near the beginning of the year. “It was lovely from the very start,” says Lisa. It was decided that Autumn View would care for Sharon by providing assisted living services.

According to Lisa:

“Everyone was wonderful. They understood our unique situation. The physicians and nurses, everyone was great. They recognized that we loved our mother. They worked collaboratively to provide everything we needed to stabilize her difficult situation and provide the best care. Everyone knew exactly what to do and how to treat my mom.”

Lisa singled out our own Susan Press, Director or Sales and Marketing. “She was wonderful, extremely empathetic, helpful and kind.” We agree, that’s certainly the Susan we know.

“The entire staff treated us with respect and dignity,” says Lisa. “Even Keith, a maintenance team member, made a point to engage my mother. Everyone was kind, responsive and genuinely interested in my mom, not just as a patient, but as a person. She became close to the staff and to the residents. She made some meaningful, personal connections, Mom started to feel safe, relaxed and trusting of the situation, and that was so important.” 

“The facility itself is bright and modern. It felt like an apartment community. The kids loved when we visited. In addition to seeing their grandmother, they could take advantage of the activity areas, the rec room and pool tables…” 

About six months after joining us, it was necessary to move Sharon to a nursing home. While she was here, she made quite an impression on us. Her daughter, Lisa, says the feeling is mutual.

“I would say Autumn View Gardens is an excellent place for family members with Alzheimer’s. There is a feeling of independence, …a sense of normal living. And a sense of real caring.”

Thank you, Lisa.
And thank you, Sharon, for being with us.