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A Not-for-Profit Organization You Invest in Us. We Invest in Our Residents and our team.

Autumn View Gardens Assisted Living is part of a national faith-based not-for-profit organization dedicated to serving the needs of seniors nationwide. Thanks to our organization’s structure, our duty is to our residents rather than to shareholders. Community is the cornerstone of our mission, and as such, we are beholden to providing excellent care and selflessly serving our residents and our communities. Because of generous donations, our organization is able to provide benevolent gifts through a variety of programs, including:

Subsidized Care for Residents

Your donation allows us to continually provide reduced-cost support to seniors within our communities as needs arise. Last year, our parent company provided more than $4 million in supplemental care to residents who had limited resources or who had outlived their savings.

Community Grant Program

Community Grants are distributed annually to agencies making a positive impact on the lives of older adults, neighbors, or children. Last year, our parent company invested nearly $100,000 back into neighborhoods it serves. Ask your local community about recent grantees in your neighborhood.

A Worldwide Mission

We are a key contributor to One Child Matters, which provides holistic care and assistance to more than 40 thousand impoverished children in 16 countries.

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