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Quick and Easy Breakfast Ideas for Your Senior Living Apartment

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Quick and Easy Breakfast Ideas for Your Senior Living Apartment

February is coming up, and it's National Hot Breakfast Month. At Autumn View Gardens, we're celebrating with this post all about the benefits of breakfast and some tips on quick and easy breakfasts that don't require a stove (some are even hot!).

You can always get a delicious hot morning meal in the restaurant-style dining room or whip up eggs and waffles for family in the country kitchen. But if you like to keep it low-key in the mornings, an electric kettle or microwave is all you need for a hot bite to eat.

The Importance of Breakfast

A healthy breakfast comes with many benefits, and nutritionists note that this meal should be consumed within two hours of waking. Some of the benefits of eating a regular, healthy breakfast include:

An appropriate level of energy after the nightly fast

Restoration of glucose levels, which can protect cognitive functions

Reduction in risks of heart disease, diabetes and high blood pressure

Because eating healthy first thing in the morning starts your body and day off right, it also makes it easier to maintain good habits throughout the day. Studies have shown that people who eat a good breakfast every day are less likely to be overweight.

Quick Breakfast Recipes for Your Assisted Living Apartment

Here are some healthy breakfasts you can whip up in minutes in your own apartment, so you never have an excuse for skipping this important meal.

Oatmeal and Other Hot Cereal

Cold cereals are a great way to get a daily dose of nutrients in a bowl that takes 30 seconds to prepare, but if you want something to warm your belly on a cold morning, consider a hot cereal option. Instant oatmeal and other products typically just need hot water or milk added and a few minutes to set. Cook them in your microwave following package instructions, or boil some water in an electric tea kettle to cook instant oats right in the bowl. Add a bit of honey or sliced fruit for additional taste.

Dressed Bananas

Bananas are a great choice for a grab-and-go breakfast, but you can doctor them up for added flavor if you're planning to dine in your apartment. Cut large slices of banana and roll the edges in peanut butter. Then, roll them in your choice of chocolate chips, chopped nuts, seeds or cut up berries. Serve these bite-size nutrient and flavor bonanzas alongside a piece of breakfast bread or a biscuit warmed in the microwave.

Overnight Oats

 Don't fancy instant oatmeal? Prep overnight oats ahead of time. Mix oats and cinnamon with some unsweetened almond milk in a mason jar and let it sit all night in the fridge. You can add over flavors, such as a bit of vanilla, nutmeg or syrup, depending on your preferences, and incorporate cut fruit in the morning. Eat it cold, or pop the mason jar in the microwave for a few seconds to create a delicious warm breakfast.