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Tips for Gearing Up for a Great New Year

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Tips for Gearing Up for a Great New Year

Santa isn't the only one making a list and checking it twice this time of year. Seniors gearing up for a grand 2019 may be getting their assisted living apartments organized or writing lists of resolutions. Whether you're a list maker, note taker or just like to look at the big picture and handle the details on the fly, getting ready for the new year can be fun and exciting at any age.

Here are some tips for residents of Autumn View Gardens who want to get a head start on 2019.

1. Resolutions don't have to be mighty to matter.

From health and money matters to learning new hobbies or traveling, your goals for 2019 don't need to be huge to make big differences in your life. You also don't have to stick to popular resolutions such as losing weight or cementing a habit deemed good by the rest of the world.

Realistic, meaningful resolutions are personal (they matter to you, not necessary to other people) and can be broken down into smaller chunks that you can work on throughout the year. Instead of trying to lose 10 pounds, for example, you can just work on one pound a month. Instead of learning how to paint with watercolors, you can work on individual sets, such as reading a book about watercolor art, signing up for a local class and learning about painting techniques.

When you break a realistic goal into milestones, you can celebrate success periodically, which keeps you moving toward the long-term goal.

2. Putting it on paper helps you keep it real and stick to your deal.

When you're planning for next year, it's easy to get carried away and try to solve the problems of the world or even your entire life in what really is a short 12 months. That's one reason so many people get disheartened and give up their resolutions by February — they've set themselves up for failure from the very beginning.

And even if you have realistic, well-planned goals, if you don't write them down now, will you remember them on January 1? Add in the benefit of paper and pen to the creative thinking process — the very act of physically writing something down helps your brain activate creativity and problem solving skills — and you can see why your favorite notebook and pen is an ideal companion for new year planning sessions.

3. Planning supplies you enjoy using help you stay organized.

 Finally, consider splurging for a planner, calendar or notebook you really like. Add some pens, markers or washi tape/stickers that bring you joy too. It may seem frivolous, but these are small expenses that can make handling both the tedious and exciting details of life more fun. When you like the supplies you use, you're more likely to make organizational planning a part of daily life, which helps you reach your goals each year.